Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Abia non-indigenes sack: Ebonyi waits for official confirmation

GOVERNOR Martin Elechi is yet to make
any official statement with regards to
the sack of non-indigenes by Abia State
Speculation has it that the Governor still
sees the expulsion of non-indigenes
from Abia State as a rumour and has so
far refused to take any official stand on
the matter, pending when Abia State
Governor would communicate him
officially and or the state executive
council decides unanimously on the
Although, some sacked Ebonyi State
indigenes from Abia State Civil Service
have staged a protest in Abakaliki, the
state government appears to be waiting
for an appropriate time to react on the
However, major stakeholders in the state
are not happy with the development,
stressing that such actions were capable
of disintegrating the unity, collective
responsibility and cultural affinity of the
Ndigbo both in the country and in the
Diaspora. While others are of the view
that the Ndigbo Presidency, 2015, would
remain a mirage if the issue of sacked
non-indigenes was not carefully
It is also feared in some quarters, that
some South-East governors may sack
non-indigenes in their states, a
development that may completely erode
Ndigbo unity.
In an exclusive chat with Vanguard, the
Commissioner for Information, Hon.
Chike Onwe noted that the state
government was yet to be
communicated officially on such
proposition, adding that it would at this
stage be considered as a mere rumour
except proven otherwise in due course.
He however noted that if implemented
that it would threaten the corporate
existence of Ndigbo and also the well
being of Nigerians.
“Disengaging people from service on
account of place of origin is backward
thinking. But as I said, it is still on the
plane of rumour and we don’t react to
rumours but to substance. For now it is
not true, when it is true the issue will be
addressed. I think the Ndigbo is a united
people and we shall not allow anything
to disintegrate this unity. I think it will
be unfortunate if such a thing happens.”
He stressed that the state government
would not be part of any process that
would cause disaffection among citizens
because of indigenization. He added that
non-indigenes in the state were
gainfully occupying sensitive positions,
even in the state executive council.
His words:“Since we talking about true
federalism, we cannot achieve much by
being sectional or calling some
‘indigenes’ and some others ‘non
indigenes.’ So, for us to achieve true
federalism, we must get people to feel at
home wherever they are. We looking at
a situation where an individual from
Kaduna comes to Ebonyi State and
stands for any election and the man
from Ebonyi goes to Lagos, stands for
an election and gets elected and serves
his term.
“The position of Abia State government
is yet to be made available to the Ebonyi
State Government but as I said it is still a
rumour. But if that turns out to be true,
the matter will be looked at collectively
by the state executive council and a
position will be taken. In the interim, it is
still a rumour and we shall treat it as
such. But I want to inform that there are
Abians and people who are from other
states that work in Ebonyi unhindered
and unmarginalized, not witch hunted
and we see ourselves as brothers and

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